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The Flirt Summit tradition was born humbly … in the ultimate den of decadence: Las Vegas, Nevada. In an industry connected by servers, wires, and screens, we hoped to focus on the human element driving our network. To forge tangible connections and foster a deeper understanding of what we need for mutual success.

What did we learn? That our performers and studios are just as brilliant, wild, and wonderful in the flesh as they are in the webcam’s eye.

Inspired by their dedication and enthusiasm, we grew Summit to be more than networking, team building, and informative seminars. From its earliest iterations in Vegas and Hollywood, the event became longer and more lavish.

Through the mid-teens we brought our loyal Flirts through the southern tropics –Punta Cana, Ixtapa, and Costa Rica. We explored the wilds, threw historic beach parties, and sampling local cuisine while continuing to revolutionize the live cam world.

Finally, as the end of the last decade drew near, we set our sites to east, Bali and the Maldives, for the most extravagant events company history.

2020 was a strange, frightening, and unprecedented year. Through it, our broadcasters doubled down, putting in more hours online than ever. We could not fathom going another year without meeting the minds that make our industry great. As such, we plan to thank them in 2021 with a historic Flirt Summit.